If you’re feeling like a failure as you struggle to deal with the challenges of everyday life, you aren’t alone. Many of us weren’t taught the skills we need to be happy and successful in life. Even worse, we live in a world that’s full of unrealistic expectations and constant distractions. Is it any wonder you’re having a hard time? I certainly don’t think so!¬†As a psychotherapist (counselor), I’ve spent over a decade helping people to change their lives. If you’re ready for a change, I’d like to help you, too.

Counseling is far more than just a place to talk or vent. In our work, I’ll help you get clear about what matters to you – and then I’ll teach you the tools and skills you need to live a happier, more fulfilling life that’s consistent with those values. I’ll help you learn how you get knocked off your path and how to be able to stay on it, even in the face of the challenges and pressures that come up for us all in day to day life. Therapy also helps you to create the kind of relationships you’ve always wanted, but may have come to doubt were possible. We’ll focus on moving forward, not endlessly rehashing your past. Don’t believe the stereotypes about therapy, because that’s not how it goes in my office.

I’ve had my share of challenges in life, and I became a counselor to help others through their struggles. I believe we all struggle, we all fall down, and we all can do great things … but sometimes we need a hand from someone else. If that’s where you are, read on.

Help for you

Learn how to keep your life on track in the face of outside pressures and feelings of anxiety or depression. Become more confident and create the life you really want.

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Help for your relationship

Improve communication, trust, and intimacy. Learn to stand up for yourself, resolve conflicts, and get your relational needs met.

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Articles with information, tips and tools you can use to improve your moods, your relationships, and your life, not just a bunch of feel good words.

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