Struggling with your moods or relationships?

If so, I’ve got tools and techniques to help you get things back on track. You may be having a hard time right now, but that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. We don’t automatically know how to be happy, healthy, and successful in our lives and relationships, and we all struggle and get stuck or lost at times along the journey of life.


If you were never taught the tools you need to manage stress and anxiety, have a happy relationship, or handle the other challenges life throws at all of us, it’s understandable that you could get overwhelmed – it’s not that different from trying to play guitar when you’ve never taken any lessons.


I’ve had some dark and difficult times, too, and my desire to overcome them led me not only to a better place in life, but to the decision to dedicate my career to helping others. Keep reading to learn more about how therapy can help you.


How counseling helps


  • Feel Happier

  • Heal old hurts. Learn tools & skills to take control of your moods so they stop running your life. Get clarity about what matters to you and take action to align your life with your values and priorities.


  • Decrease stress and anxiety

  • Learn how to overcome your worries and fears. Increase your emotional and mental strength so you’re better equipped to handle the daily challenges of 21st century life.


  • Get clarity about what matters and the confidence to pursue it

  • Become more assertive and get more of your wants & needs met. Learn to think big and believe in yourself. Build a plan for your life and the strength to bring it into being.


  • Improve your communication skills and your relationships

  • Have better, deeper relationships (romantic and otherwise), and more of them. Master the tools to make conflict productive, not just destructive. Get your message across clearly and accurately to others..

Problems I help my clients with


  • Anxiety

  • You find yourself worrying frequently, having racing thoughts you can’t control, and struggling to sleep because your brain won’t shut off. Anxiety has a profoundly limiting impact on our lives, careers & relationships.  Learn more…


  • Confidence & Self-Esteem Issues

  • You doubt yourself often and avoid new or challenging situations, leaving you with a lonely, limited life.


  • Codependency & People-Pleasing

  • Unable to say no, or so focused on your relationships & what others think that your life gets out of control and you lose yourself. It’s stressful, draining, and very damaging to your life and your relationships.  Learn more …


  • Relationship Problems

  • Relationships are crucial to our well-being, but they can be a big challenge … and many of us weren’t taught the tools to have a successful one.  Learn more …

Therapy for you and your needs


Talking about your problems can help you have a better understanding of them, but that alone isn’t enough to fix things. So, therapy with me is much more than just talk. I teach my clients concrete, practical tools and skills they need to overcome their struggles, improve their relationships, and create happier and more fulfilling lives.


Therapy is art and science – the science is in the techniques I use (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy are the primary modalities I work in), and the art is in identifying and applying the techniques that will work for you, your unique personality, goals, and learning style. I don’t do ‘one size fits all’ therapy, and my ability to adapt my approach to fit each client is one of my strengths as a therapist. Research has shown us that therapy works just as well when done via telephone or online as in person, and I’m comfortable working in whatever way you feel works best for you.

Let’s Get Started


Over the past decade, I’ve helped hundreds of people transform their lives and relationships. If you’re ready to stop hurting and improve your life, I’m ready to help. To schedule an appointment, a consultation, or ask any questions you might have about me or the counseling process, just click below.