Many people don’t like the idea of going to therapy, and understandably so. It’s hard enough when you aren’t feeling good about yourself and your life…then a stranger is going to ask you to talk about it?
I’m not here to judge you or to overanalyze your past – I’m here to help. Most of us weren’t taught all the tools and skills we need to be happy and successful in life. In fact, you probably got some lessons along the way that are actually making things harder. Add to that the fact that we live in a world full of unrealistic expectations and constant distractions from all sides…is it any wonder we struggle? I certainly don’t think so.
Counseling is far more than just a place to talk or vent. When you work with me, I’ll help you get clear about what matters to you and then I’ll teach you the tools and skills you need to live a happier, more fulfilling life and have the kind of relationships you want but have struggled to create. I’ll help you learn how you to stay on your path, even in the face of uncomfortable feelings and the many the challenges and pressures your face on a daily basis. We’ll focus on moving forward, not endlessly rehashing your past. I’ll help you find the strength and confidence you need to build the life you want to have.
I’ve been through my share of struggles in life, so I have tremendous compassion for people struggling with their moods, relationships, and lives. I know how much easier it is to face things when we’ve got support, and I became a counselor so I could help others through their challenges. We all struggle and fall down sometimes, and there’s no shame or weakness in getting a hand from someone else. If that’s where you are, let’s talk. I’ve spent over a decade helping individuals and couples in the Sacramento area to change their lives through my work as a psychotherapist, and I’d like to help you, too. Get in touch today so we can talk about how you’re hurting and how I can help you create a happier, more connected life.

Help for you

Improve your mood, increase your confidence and learn tools for building and maintaining a happy, successful life.

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Help with Anxiety

Get tools to help you keep anxiety from controlling your life. Find calm, confidence, and a good night’s sleep.

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Help for your relationship

Improve communication, trust, and intimacy. Learn to stand up for yourself, resolve conflicts, and get your relational needs met.

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