We all have beliefs and biases – even those of us who are trained to be ‘neutral’. One of my beliefs is that you have a right to know what my beliefs and biases are.

I Believe…

… we are all capable of growth and change.

… most of us don’t recognize our own emotional and mental strength.

… ‘perfection’ is an unrealistic & dangerous ideal.  Seeking perfection is a recipe for suffering. Seeking growth and excellence is more realistic, rewarding, and effective.

… asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of courage and willingness to grow. Feelings of fear and shame often keep us from seeking help and support – in part due to our unrealistic expectations about how much we should be able to know and do on our own.

… conflict and discomfort are normal.  Where most of us go wrong is that we try to avoid conflict and discomfort instead of using them to learn and grow.

… that the biggest challenge facing most of us today is the challenge of managing uncomfortable feelings, especially our feelings of fear.

… we live in a reactive, quick-fix, “happy now, sad later” society, and that the messages we are inundated with on a daily basis are harmful to our well-being and our relationships.

… that all addictive behaviors have the same core: attempting to numb inner pain or discomfort through the use of something (or someone) outside oneself.

… every experience, no matter how difficult or painful, can serve a positive purpose in your life.

… that happiness has less to do with what you have or what happens to you a lot more to do with your perspective and your choices when faced with life’s inevitable challenges.

… that regardless of one’s religious or spiritual beliefs, the Serenity Prayer has valuable wisdom for all of us.

… that I am fortunate to be able to support my clients through their work. I have seen incredible transformations as people work through their emotional wounds and fears and discover not only who they are, but all the good things that they have to offer. I am honored by my clients’ willingness to share their stories with me, and witnessing the strength and courage of my clients on a daily basis is truly inspiring.