Businessman Thinking

4 Questions to ask your fears

The next time you’re feeing fear or anxiety, stop and take a few minutes to answer these four questions:   1) What am I afraid is going to happen? 2) Why am I afraid it’s going to happen? 3) What can I do to decrease the likelihood of it happening? 4) What can I do…


Steve McCready

3 New Ways to Work With Me

Therapy Done Different For several years now, I’ve been thinking about the traditional psychotherapy model and it’s limitations. I’ve been looking at how things could be improved, and I wanted to design programs that would allow me to do a more effective job of helping more people have happier lives & better relationships. After my…


Money and Relationships: Making or Breaking It

Today’s post is a guest post from finance specialist and freelance blogger Domenic Holme who specializes in debt consolidation and debt relief. Traditionally, money isn’t something that often brought into the relationship discussion. There are a few reasons for that. One, many people are brought up learning that personal finances are just that: personal. I’ve…