Tired of the fights, miscommunication, and lies?

Get the tools and skills you need to reconnect and find love again

I’m not going to sugarcoat it: marriage and relationships are challenging. Plus, most of us weren’t given the information, tools, or support we need to have a good relationship, let alone keep it thriving through the inevitable challenges of life. Worse yet, the messages we get every day from TV, movies, and advertising present a unrealistic and unhelpful picture of what relationships are like, and research has shown that those messages impact us.

In other words: if you’re having difficulty in your relationship or marriage, it’s not surprising and it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. It’s normal.

How many of these problems are you struggling with?

Good news: marriage / couples counseling can help with all of them.

Communication, trust, and intimacy problems – Problems in these 3 areas can destroy a relationship. In our therapy work, I’ll give you tools to fix all of them.

Unresolved conflicts – Couples who keep having the same fight again and again end up unhappy and divorced. I’ll teach you new ways of seeing and addressing your conflicts that help you get unstuck and build win-win agreements with your partner or spouse.

“Roomate Syndrome” – When problems have been neglected for too long, the connection between couples deteriorates, leaving both of you feel lonely and disconnected. If your partner is feeling more like your roommate, we’ll focus our counseling sessions on helping you find romance and connection again.

Not getting your relationship needs met – A relationship needs to benefit both partners in a couple to thrive. Whether it’s more time, more connection, more sex or something else, I’ll help you remove the obstacles to getting what you want and need in your relationship.

Unhealed hurts and resentments – Those old conflicts that have been swept under the rug create a painful distance. I’ll help you repair those wounds so you can move forward in your relationship and reconnect instead of staying stuck in the past.

Your relationship won’t get better by itself

Transformation is possible – if you’re willing to do the work

All relationships, even healthy ones, need attention, care, and effort. Neglected relationships fall apart. Even worse, we often do things such as actively avoiding conflicts, and that just sets up bigger problems down the road. (Cheating, for example, is often a result of unresolved conflict between a couple.)

If you’re feeling hopeless, know this: A neglected relationship can be restored and rebuilt. Improving your relationship isn’t rocket science; anyone with desire and a willingness to do the work can learn and master the necessary skills to have a better relationship.

Tired of all the conflict, hurt and anger? Ready to heal your relationship? I’ve provided couples counseling to hundreds of couples, and I’d like to help you, too. To get started, schedule a consultation. We’ll talk about the problems you’re having, where you want your relationship to be, and the way I’d work with you. After that, if we all think it’s a good fit, we’ll get started on building a great relationship.

Relationships are remarkably resilient and can recover from a lot … if you’re willing to do the work.