Tired of the conflicts, communication problems, and trust violations?

Get the tools and skills you need to reconnect and find love again


How many of these problems are you struggling with?

Communication, trust, and intimacy problems – Problems in these 3 areas can destroy a relationship. I’ll give you tools to fix all of them.

Unresolved conflicts – Having the same fight again and again leads to unhappiness and divorce. I’ll teach you new ways of seeing and addressing your conflicts that help you get unstuck and build win-win agreements with your partner.

“Roomate Syndrome” – When problems have been neglected for too long, the connection between a couple deteriorates, leaving both of you feel lonely and disconnected. If your partner is feeling more like your roommate, we’ll work on helping you find romance and connection again.

Not getting your relationship needs met – A relationship needs to benefit both partners to thrive. Whether it’s more time, more connection, more sex or something else, I’ll help you remove the obstacles to getting what you want and need in your relationship.

Unhealed hurts and resentments – Those old conflicts that have been swept under the rug keep you from getting close. I’ll help you repair those wounds so you can move forward instead of staying stuck in the past.


Relationships aren’t ‘one size fits all’

How I work with clients isn’t, either

Unlike typical therapy models, I work with couples by the month. We’ll have two sessions during the month (either in my office or via videoconference) with check-ins in between via phone or email. Also, I’ll give you assignments to work on in between those sessions to help reinforce and build on our work in sessions. It’s not a model that fits for everyone, but if you’re serious about improving your relationship, it’s a flexible and powerful system that supports powerful transformations.

I’m not here just to listen to you. Beyond the listening and understanding, I know that ultimately, change requires action. So, we’ll spend a lot of time helping you understand and master the actions you need to take to improve your relationship.

Your relationship won’t get better by itself

Transformation is possible if you’re willing to work

This process is challenging, and you can rest assured that I will push you. It’s not always fun, but it’s necessary for transformation to occur. Relationships need attention, care, and effort. Neglected relationships deteriorate, and avoiding conflict, a common relationship error, just sets up bigger problems down the road. (Affairs, for example, are often a byproduct of long-term unresolved relationship conflict.)

A neglected relationship can be restored and rebuilt. Improving your relationship isn’t rocket science; anyone with desire and a willingness to do some work can learn and master the necessary skills to have a better relationship. If you’re tired of the miscommunication, conflict, and disconnection and ready to work, I’m ready to help you transform your relationship. To get started, schedule a consultation. We’ll talk about your current concerns, where you want your relationship to be, and how we’d work together.