Fees & Insurance

Individual & Couples Counseling – $150 per 50-minutes session


To help ensure that we’re a good fit, I ask all potential clients to set up a no-cost consultation call before scheduling a session. Click hereor call me at 916-781-0606 to schedule one. On the call, we’ll discuss what you’re looking for help with, how I can help and how we’d achieve your desired changes.


I accept cash, checks and credit cards for payment. I am not currently offering a sliding scale or payment plans.


I do not take or bill insurance for counseling or psychotherapy services. However, if your plan is a PPO, my services may be partially covered, and I can provide you with a monthly statement of services or ‘superbill’, which you can submit for reimbursement. Be sure to check with your insurance company for your plan’s mental health coverage for ‘out of network’ providers. In addition, if you have an HSA with an associated payment card that has a Visa or MasterCard logo, you may be able use that card to pay for our sessions.

Using your insurance to pay for therapy has benefits and risks. While it can certainly lower the cost of services, it will require me to assign a mental health diagnosis to you. This is something that will become a part of your medical record and can impact your ability to obtain life insurance in the future, among other things. Another note: many insurance plans state that they cover couples counseling, but often they do this by requiring a diagnosis to be assigned to one member of the couple.

It’s also important to recognize that using your insurance can impact your ability to control your therapy, as your insurer may limit the number of sessions or what you work on in sessions.

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